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Bottled drinking water production

The existence of any physical or chemical properties such as the degree of difficulty of non-standard, PH, taste, flavor, shelf-life in water can directly affect the quality of manufactured products. Therefore, the setting up of water treatment equipment and water purification machines equipped with the best mechanisms are an integral part of these production units The packaging 1. raw materials (preforms) heated by furnaces 0/5 and 1/5 bottle blow molding machine and then be prepared. 2. Insert the prepared bottles (PET) bottle filling and washing and dewatering is completed and ready to be invested door. (3) by rail (transmission line bottle to another device) to device OPP (labeling) is driven and then pasting labels jet devices (on women) driven. 4. After inserting the date and time of its construction secret sharing devices (package) is guided and transported to the warehouse.
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