chlorine one of the most used and oldest methods of water disinfection and sanitation in the world. Among the advantages of chlorine:

Create postoperative residual water disinfection Cheap and clay in the hands of the ease of use High strength disinfection

View chlorination packages the company:

1- polyethylene tank with a capacity suitable for the preparation of chlorine solution solution up to 24 hours

2- mixer with stainless steel shaft and impeller with motor Western European power and speed.

3- dosing of chlorine injection pumps with capacity and pressure build appropriate Western Europe with strainers, suction pipes and generosity and all required fittings with sensors to measure the amount of chlorine solution

4- Online measurement system with the ability to adjust the amount of chlorine injected automatically

5- switchgear with Western European-made components for automatic control of the entire package

6- chassis deployment of carbon steel with anti-corrosion coating

The benefits of chlorination packages the company:

accurate and scientifically designed in accordance with international standards. Easy to use and does not require operator Automatic injection Low maintenance The use of raw materials and high quality equipment One year warranty and after sales service

There are other ways to tell introduced for sterilization Ozone: Water disinfection with ozone generators :: Ozone (O3) by irradiating the air or irradiating ultraviolet (O2) is produced. Ozone is a form of molecular oxygen in which three oxygen atoms are connected to each other. Additional oxygen atoms in the structure of ozone, it has already become the most powerful oxidant available. In normal weather lasts for up to an hour. In the pool water at room temperature for enough time for water treatment lasts less than a second.

:: Although ozone is considered a purifier, but in principle is an oxidizer. ) as well as the reaction of chlorine byproducts that remain in place also are undesirable. The chlorine compounds are the main cause eye irritation, odor and other undesirable side effects are chlorine. When ozone is used, much of the pollutants ozone and chlorine compounds oxidize, resulting in more chlorine for disinfection, which is free and there will be a smaller amount of chlorine used. The reduction in chlorine consumption depends on many factors, but for a pool of residential buildings, the use of chlorine and chlorine consumption is reduced 80 60% 60 40% decrease for large commercial pools.

The most advanced water filtration system and disinfection of swimming pools

:: Drastkhrhay water quality swimming water health and appearance of one of the most important factors in create an atmosphere of pleasure, happiness, swimming pool Vtbdyl place is fun and enjoyable for users. Therefore, this method of purification and disinfection of water systems and swimming pools to access the desired quality is of primary importance. The use of ozone is one of the most modern and best practices to improve the quality of water in swimming pools is. The use of ozone for water treatment and disinfection of swimming pools, causing additional transparency and remove any odor, taste, taste will be in the pool water. As a result swimmer will swim in a fun and exhilarating.

:: The following table summarizes the comparison chlorine and ozone in water treatment and disinfection displays a. The advantages of ozone for disinfection Ozone gas 25 times more powerful than chlorine is. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing, which will be given to the terms of the high water oxidation eliminates algae and algae - remove micro-organisms and crush them, remove the toxic substances such as cyanides, arsenic compounds to remove agricultural pesticides ring I sulfides and nitrates in the water disinfected with ozone gas thus has no biological elements, more oxygen-filled, pleasant, colorless, odorless and tasteless be. Ozone as a Mykrvflvkvlant to remove the iron and manganese alloys. Whose natural combination of ozone into oxygen and does not create any pollution in the environment. Ozonation of free oxygen in the water that cause property is pleasant and the water crystal clear. When injecting ozone into water residue will remain in the water, caused by the loss of secondary pollution will be secondary pollution. In the case of turbidity, suspended particles and ozone disinfection property not losing their destroys all micro-organisms. The formation of toxic and carcinogenic chlorine with organic compounds called trihalomethanes (THM) gives. All known cancer-causing trihalomethanes as an agent. It also led to the production of chlorine, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and chlorine, methane is associated with THM. While the combination did not produce any ozone


performance ozone generators

:: The system works when air to the area within which an ultraviolet lamp purple, pulled the air to ozone. Ozone, or injected directly into the water or using a bypass venturi system (By pass) into the water.

:: in direct injection, a venturi injector is connected directly to the return line and operative pool Playing create a Venturi takes into ozone. pool pass. Return valve to prevent water in the event of the failure in the system is built.

:: ozone generator devices must be at least 5 ft (524/1) from the pool wall. and must be used for non-metallic pipes.

:: 6 to 8 hours a day for proper operation of the system should work. But the operation of the system can be changed according to circumstances.