neighboring devices reverse osmosis and softener has exhausted and ready to provide the best quality and service Mybashd.mdh company's activities include: 1. The design and manufacture of devices for industrial water treatment, drinking Vmqtrqabl using various industries including Aznvshabh making, fruit juice, mineral water, textile and poultry, livestock, agricultural greenhouses, pharmaceutical, industrial, petrochemical, refineries, power plants, Foundry , hotels, office complexes and Vmskvny.. 2. Design and construction of water treatment and water desalination devices Dryavbsyarshvr water (RO usable Drkshtyha, Lnch Havtasysat coastal waters are Dryadrdstrs)

3. design and manufacture of systems for separating water from oil and oil-consuming and oil

4-column Skhtygyrrzyny to prevent Drdyg·hay Azayjadrsvb boilers, pipes and ... 5. Design and production of filter sand and carbon filters under pressure for vertical or horizontal carbon steel, stainless steel or fiberglass in various capacities

6-devices for disinfecting water and wastewater A package of chemical injection automatic and semi-automatic (chlorine, anti-Askalnt, profits, etc.) (B) packages for disinfecting water (UV and ozone generators, chlorine and ozone exclusively with technology Europe) 7-enforcement conversion to agriculture, rural sewage using the company's proprietary

8-sewage projects for industrial plants and military food and the ability to restore wastewater for reuse

9-parts Vmvadmsrfy in the water treatment industry

In addition, untreated sewage containing large amounts of organic matter, pathogens, heavy metals, toxic compounds and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) is..

In this regard Mpta engineering company with scientific and administrative staff with a view to protecting the environment and promoting community health and reuse of treated wastewater has started its activities. The company's office is preparing studies and setting up a dedicated factory, employing highly qualified specialists and craftsmen as well as using the most modern standards and treatment methods, products and services provide the following to the customer and client.

Design, construction and operation of water treatment systems (conventional and unconventional)

-Arayh Unique ways to reuse wastewater in rural, urban and industrial

- Design, construction and operation of water and wastewater disinfection systems (chlorination, ozone, chlorine, ozone, uv lamps and 000)

- Design, construction and operation of wastewater treatment systems (sanitary and industrial)

-Design, construction and operation of the wastewater treatment systems (organic load reduction, fats and oils, heavy metals, etc.)

-Governance, operation and maintenance of water and wastewater facilities

-Studies of the first and second water supply and wastewater collection and treatment

-Training courses in the field of water and sanitation