pharmaceutical industry wastewater treatment

Medications include a wide range of chemicals that are used to prevent or treat disease. Most pharmaceuticals are plant and animal origin, but most of them Plants using specific formulations made and will include a wide variety of chemicals such as antibiotics, analgesics, hormones, vaccines, vitamins and dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, are ... .


Sewer pharmaceutical industries

Water used in the pharmaceutical industry in addition to material composition, boilers, ventilation and chiller, for washing equipment and facilities used in the production. The produced wastewaterIn these industries often as a result of washing experience. Waste water quality varies according to the type of production, but there is a common denominator between all the wastewater. This pointSubscribe to the fact that the science of chemical contamination of sewage treatment known as COD. Review of production waste pharmaceutical industry suggests that the soluble COD in the effluent are usually very high and most of Dyrtjzyh are biologically vulnerable. For example, in the manufacture of alcohol, according to the materials Such as molasses to produce alcohol is used, the COD even in mg / l 100000 reaches. Also in vaccine production centers due to the use of pathogens for products, should effluent must be sterilized before disposal well.

Suggested treatment processes

Given that most of the dissolved contaminants in these industries are, therefore, do not require special physical treatment. The most important thing wastewater treatment, reducing COD and BOD solutionIn them, mostly caused by complex organic chemicals. That's why the complex organic materials must first be broken by the processes simpler molecules are then conventional treatment.

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