- 5 micron filter and 1 micron: These filters all material is greater than 5 and 1 micron filter. These materials include sand, silt, sludge, rust in the pipes. The smaller the micron size to remove more material from the water. Use a 5 micron filter and supplements the 1 micron filter is recommended .

- Carbon filter: If the water has a bad smell or taste, the use of the filters in the two upper filter is recommended. The kidneys filter unwanted taste and odor of water eliminates bad. Also a great impact in removing excess chlorine water. - Fyltralkalayn or alkaline water has a high nutritional value is high, this filter produce an antioxidant and eliminate harmful acids in the body and converting them to the calcium enriched. This filter is required by the body's PH value increases and prevents osteoporosis and the loss of tissue or cancer cells - When the body is faced with a lack of calcium from bone marrow and not the amount of calcium in the bone marrow compensates teeth. Use this filter to prevent osteoporosis and tooth or even postpone it becomes possible causes .

- Ionization process in which an atom or molecule, an electron from an atom to atom or an electron takes place. When a water molecule is ionized, into two parts, namely hydrogen ions to form H is shown in the form of hydroxyl ions OH is shown, becomes. - Ionized water molecules can react with chemicals in the body form and create different combinations. If the number of H ions in water is greater than the number of OH ions, in the water, acidic water say if the number of OH ions in water is greater than the number of H ions, of water is called alkaline water. The concentration of OH ions to neutral water and H count it necessarily be equal. -Ionized water occurs due to various reasons. H ions than the total number of water molecules is called PH is a very important indicator, water quality is measured by the amount of PH. If the number of H ions in water is equal to the number of OH ions, PH water are equal to the number seven. If PH water increases, it means that OH ions in water have increased. Human blood normally PH is equal to 7/3. Slight differences in PH can be a huge difference in the capacity of blood to carry oxygen. - For example, if the blood PH instead of 7/3, 7/5, the blood's ability to carry oxygen to the seventy-five percent increase. So health status was obtained when the blood PH 3/7 instead of numbers, is 5/7. However, the use of inappropriate Ahnva drinks caused a drastic decline in the body's PH. PH Beer is about four and seven-tenths of its consumption causes dehydration and mouth after waking up in the morning is dry.

- Membrane filter: The filter membrane is semi Trojan that all pollutants that are larger than one ten-thousandth micron filters out. For example, nitric acid ten-thousandth of a micron is bigger, so the filter does not pass, all types of cysts, fungi, parasites Germs and many other pollutants As well as the larger amount.

- Mineral Filter: This filter is the amount of minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and other useful substances required by the human body that can not be found in most urban tap water into purified water added. - Mix Plus Filter: This filter anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties. The kidneys filter bacteria and fungus produced within the lasting effect Lots of water and wear parts, O-rings, fittings and comes .... It destroys your health improves water. - Past carbon filter: The filter only bad smells and taste of the water piping and tank destroys the device. Water stored in the tank is empty if you have not used for a long time, say a month to be replaced by fresh water. - Filters in the first three steps: It filters all sediments, rust, pipe, crime, sand, mud, sludge F algae, improving the taste of water, remove excess chlorine are doing. - Filter creaminess for washing: it filters all sediments, rust, pipe, crime, sand, silt and materials Destroys this category. - Shoulder strap tank filter: It filters all sediments, rust, pipe, crime, sand, mud and materials from this category Destroys.

This means that the filter has a dual purpose It is suitable both for children and for Bzrgslan - Shoulder strap tank filter: It filters all sediments, rust, pipe, crime, sand, mud and materials from this category Destroys.